1. Helps us to communicate in our own personal language…Art makes us more human.
  1. It is therapeutic… Our creative mind is stimulated, thus allowing the painter to escape from reality, and be free to imagine. This positive state of mind provides a mental rest that can lower stress and generate relaxing and happy feelings.
  2. There can be healing through concentration…  Concentration while painting leads a person away from negative attributes in their lives.  Pure energy is transmitted into what is being created, thus one can spend hours without pain, or tiredness.  Other similar states have happened through meditation, praying, being in love, etc…
  3. Painting improves one’s mental health.  Feelings of pain and anguish can transform into healthy, and artful expressions of the self.
  4. It promotes brain activity.  Drawing and painting stimulate both left and right brain hemispheres.  It boosts imagination, which could be helpful in children and patients with Alzheimer disease.
  5. Helps keep an emotional balance.  Making one’s emotions flow through painting helps create harmony between the heart and the mind.  This can help one to experience happiness, love, empathy, and peace.
  6. Painting is good fun!  We laugh, learn, socialize. It makes us feel motivated to finish what we start, appreciate nature, and be passionate about something good!